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DASH2-NEW / TechnicalSpecification


Display808 segment customised HTN high contrast, non-reflective, EL backlit LCD
Controls4 optional external buttons
Power Supply Requirements12v nominal input, minimum of 10v, maximum of 15v. Current consumption approximately 250mA
Case ConstructionDie cast zinc alloy
Connector Type2 x 14-way Binder 423 series circular multi-pole connectors
Main Processor40MHz RISC with embedded flash program memory
Serial PortAutomatically detects the baud rate and adjusts to receive data from a Race Technology data logger. Also used for re flashing, diagnostics and configuration.
Analogue inputs4 inputs, 0-15v
VibrationFactory tested at 25g, 50Hz sinusoid for 5 minutes (without compact flash card inserted). Design tested to 25g in 3 axis for 24 hours.
TemperatureFactory tested from -20C to 70C
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