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AnalysisTechnical / AutoLoadCarFiles

Automatically loading car files

In situations where a number of different loggers are in use which require multiple different car configuration files it is possible to set the analysis software up to automatically load the required vehicle options file. To configure this:

  1. Save the car files with the file name “”, where xxx is the serial number of the logger. For example if you want to have a car file that is loaded automatically when the data is from logger serial number “1234” then the car file should be saved with the file name “”. All the car files must be saved into the same directory, and the S must be in UPPERCASE.
  2. In the analysis software, set the default configuration directory to where the car file(s) have been saved. This option is under “file -> set default paths”. For example it might be desireable to set up a directory such as “c:\CarFiles” and save all the car options files in this directory, maybe “”, “”, “”.

When a run file is loaded into the analysis software, it will check the serial number of the logger that it was logged from and then check in the default configuration path. If the analysis software can locate a car options file with the correct name then it is automatically loaded before the data is processed.

Note that if you manually set an alternative car options file in the run manager then this will override this automated file location, and the file that is specified will be used.

Page last modified on January 04, 2019, at 01:28 PM