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DASH2PROLapTiming / LapMarkerFilesOnTheDASH2PROInternalMemory

Lap marker files on the DASH2 PRO internal memory

When using lap marker files on the DASH2 PRO internal memory, the operation is as follows:

Only one lap marker file should be in the internal memory, it must be in the root directory and must have the extension .LAP

If a button is configured to clear lap markers, or the menu option is selected to clear all lap markers (menu 1.10) then any marker files in the root directory will be moved to a directory called DONE on the memory card.

Note that if the menu button is pressed to go in the menu when logging data to the internal storage card, logging will be stopped.

Lap marker files can be copied to/from the DASH2 PRO using the Device Explorer software.

Page last modified on April 29, 2019, at 07:28 AM