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New analysis software – v8.5

It’s been a long, hard year for Race Technology’s super-nerds, but finally it’s ready – version 8.5 of our data analysis software is ready for full release. The software has new features, but just as importantly is now faster and simpler to operate.

Major new features

  • Supports sample rates of up to 1kHz, with the appropriate hardware, ideal for high speed signals including shock rate analysis.
  • Full HD video support – load in video from your GoPro and use it directly for data/Video analysis and add overlays for video export. The interface has been optimised for speed and simplicity – just a few clicks and you are done.
  • Comprehensive CAN support. Allows 100’s of CAN variables to be loaded directly from a DBC file.

Faster to operate

  • Time to load a typical 30 minute race data file reduced from 13seconds in v8 to 4 seconds in v8.5
  • Time to change filtering or scaling on a channel reduced from 12 seconds in v8 to 0.2 seconds in v8.5.
  • Faster to refresh track maps and graphs, v8.5 is typically twice the speed of v8

User interface improvements

  • Hot keys. We’ve added keys for quick selection of data as well as common operations like adding track markers etc.
  • Drag and drop of variables. With the large number of variables that the software can handle, it can be difficult to find the one you want from a single list. Now you can drag then from the variable manager and drop them onto graphs, etc.
  • Shortcuts on lap and sector grid. It’s now possible to right click runs on the lap and sectors window and select from a range of common operations, like remove and change name.

Data handling improvements

  • More data can be loaded. With the amount of data now only limited by the size of the hard drive you can load far more data than ever before.
  • More variables available. The maximum number of variables at any time is now 1000, enough for even extreme applications.
  • Automatic selection of variables. With the large number of variables now available, we’ve introduced automatic variable selection, simply load the data in and any channels or variables with data will be displayed.

As well as improvements to many other features that have made Race Technology’s analysis program a favourite amongst our race and industrial customers all over the world.

Page last modified on September 16, 2019, at 09:02 AM