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HowDoI-DL1Sport / WhyWillNotMyDL1StartLogging

How do I find out why my DL1 SPORT will not start logging?

There may be a number of reasons why the DL1 SPORT will not start logging. You should check for the following things:

  • Is your CF card full?
  • Is your CF card correctly formatted? (It must be FAT or FAT16, or FAT32, NOT NTFS or exFAT)
  • Was your CF card bought from RT? If not, is it a known, quality brand? All CF cards are NOT the same!!!!!
  • Has your CF card been dropped/damaged/exposed to high temperatures?

These are the most common faults. If you have eliminated these, and your DL1 SPORT will still not log, please visit the support page on the website for further advice:

Page last modified on November 18, 2013, at 06:32 AM