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ConfiguringDASH2 / VariableNaming

Variable Naming

User definable names can be set for each variable for display purposes, this is simply the name that appears on the display and does not affect any of the internal workings of the unit.

Depending on the hardware and the display mode, either the "Channel Name" or the "Channel Abbreviation" is used. The abbreviation is limited to a maximum length of 3 characters. All display products use uppercase characters.

It is also possible to configure the number of decimal places displayed for each channel individually. Remember to allow enough space for the highest value expected on each channel when deciding on the number of decimal places to display, an also whether decimal values are actually meaningful to display. If there is not enough space to display peak values due to excessive decimal places the displayed values will be incorrect.

Page last modified on January 22, 2016, at 11:33 AM