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VideoSoftwareUtilities / GoProVideoJoiner

GoPro Video Joiner

The GoPro cameras split their recordings to equal sized files when they save the recordings to SD cards with each file having a size of 4 gigabytes. Since the seperate video files have GPS data embedded on them, normal video joining would result in a video that has no GPS data. GoPro Video Joiner application can be used to join GoPro videos without losing its GPS data.

Joining GoPro videos

1. First all the Gopro videos that needs to be joined should be copied to a directory.

2. Then navigate to that directory using the file tree on the left side of the application interface.

The video files in that directory will be grouped by the file type (extension) under those groups in the same file tree.

Files get selected when they are clicked and a preview of the selected file will be available in the preview section of the main application interface.

There will be a small description below the preview indicating media information of the video files:

  • Number of chapters
  • Frame rate
  • Resolution
  • Whether they contain valid GPS data or not

3. If the user wishes to re-encode the output file after joining the videos, check the "After joining re-encode videos" checkbox and select the required resolution and bit rate from drop-downs.

4. Output file save path can be either set to the source folder or to a directory specified by the user.

5. After setting all the above options, click on the "Go" button to start joining videos.

Page last modified on June 29, 2021, at 07:52 AM