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Configuring the DASH4PRO FD Unit

The DASH4PRO FD configuration software can be used to control the behaviour and operation of the DASH4PRO FD provided that only the relevant data is visible and presented in the most helpful format. Following is a list of things that you can do with the configuration tool: -

  • Which variables are displayed (this includes adding, arranging and formatting controls to the DASH4PRO FD screens)
  • The names of the variables
  • The units displayed
  • The scaling of the variables
  • The number of decimal places displayed
  • Whether the variable is displayed as a value, Graph or a bar graph
  • The lower and upper warning levels for the variables (setting up alarms)
  • Setting up Gear indicators
  • Setting up the shift light indicators

For a detailed discussion of configuration tool read DASH4PRO FD configuration software manual.

Page last modified on January 23, 2024, at 09:20 AM