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OperatingTheDASH4PRO2 / OperatingTheDASH4PRO2Menu

Operating the DASH4PRO Menu

Press MENU button to enter menu system display mode. Using the UP/DOWN buttons you can then scroll through the menu items. To enter a menu item press SELECT.

Some menu items contain submenus. You can enter into the next lower menu level by navigating to the required menu item and pressing SELECT.

All the menu items are numbered. Each menu item has a unique ID. For example the top most menu items have IDs ranging from 1 to 7, while the first item in the submenu contained under menu item 1 is menu item 1.1

To change settings: -

  1. If you’re in normal display mode, press the MENU button and enter into menu mode
  2. Navigate to the menu item in question using the UP/DOWN buttons and press SELECT.
  3. If required use UP/DOWN to change the function settings.
  4. Press SELECT to save the new setting and return the DASH4PRO to its normal display mode.
  5. If you want to return to normal mode without saving, press the MENU button. Pressing the MENU button anywhere inside the menu, always brings you back to the normal display mode.
Page last modified on July 23, 2014, at 01:07 PM