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TemperatureSensors / Thermocouple


Type K BS4937 colour coded, Mineral insulated, stainless steel sheathed thermocouple suitable for applications up to 1100C. The probes can be bent to enable fitting in awkward locations and, being very reliable and stable, are ideal for exhaust gas temperature and other auto sport applications. The thermocouple junction is located at the tip and insulated from the sheath.

Technical Data
Sheath Material 310 Stainless Steel
Temperature Range -40 to 1100 C
Pot Seal M8*1.00mm thread L=25
Maximum pot temperature 200C
Leads PTFE insulated 7/0.2mm L=100

We also supply an M5 threaded exhaust gas temperature thermocouple. This can be fitted to an exhaust by drilling the pipe and welding an M5 nut in place, making the thermocouple easily removable.

Technical Data
Sheath Material Stainless Steel
Temperature Range -40 to 1100 C
Probe Thread M5
Leads Insulated 70cm / non insulated 100cm
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