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RTAnalysisTechnical / UsingLicences

License options

For some of our software - including the analysis and monitor applications - there are licensing options to enable some of the most advanced features. This allows us to make sure that we can continue to supply the latest software free of charge to the vast majority of our customers whilst still allowing us the flexibility to charge customers who require the highest level of functionality and support.

Currently there are two license types available:

  • Video license. This enables all the video processing features within the analysis program - including the facility to display data and video side-by-side and to export video with data overlays.
  • Advanced GPS license for the DL2 and DL1. These licenses allow more accurate and advanced GPS data processing on the DL2 and DL1.

In all cases, the licenses allow you to use the specified function on an unlimited number of PCs, but only for a single logger unit. The software license key is tied to the serial number that is programmed into every device that Race Technology produce, and is embedded into the data stream in an encrypted format. This means that you can install the license and software on as many PCs as required, but the advanced processing features will only be enabled for run files recorded by the data logger to which the licence refers.

IMPORTANT: Very early DL1s and DL2s did not write their serial number in encrypted format to the run files. To allow the licensing to work with these units they must first be reflashed with newer firmware.

All the licensing information is held in a single file "codes.bin" held in the installation directory, so typically this can be found at:

C:\Program Files\RaceTechnologyV7\OtherFiles\Codes.bin

When you pay for an additional license, you will be sent a replacement file which will enable the relevant features. To use the file simply copy it into the correct directory and overwrite the original copy. Once you restart the software the new codes.bin file will be read and will enable the advanced software features.

Please note that this will only need to be done once - subsequent releases and updates of the software will include an updated version of the codes.bin file which will contain any licenses purchased for your logging unit. This means that you can update your software with free web downloads without having to reinstall your licence file(s).

For more information about purchasing licenses, please contact

Page last modified on September 03, 2012, at 06:39 AM