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RTAnalysisUserInterface / ShortcutKeys

Shortcut keys

From v8.5 there are some keys that can be used to quickly access common functions:

To shift the currently selected point (or points) then you can use the cursor keys:

  No shift key With shift actions are 10x bigger
Cursor right +0.01 +0.1
Cursor left -0.01 -0.1
Cursor up +1 +10
Cursor down -1 -10

To shift the currently selected range:

Page up moves:

  • on to the next sector if a sector is highlighted, so for example sector 1 to sector 2 of lap 1, or if shift is held then it skips to the same sector in the next lap, for example sector 1 in lap 2 to sector 1 in lap 3
  • on to the next lap if a lap is selected
  • onto the next run if a whole run is selected
  • onto the next equally sized section if an arbitrary selection is made

Page down is the same as page up, but in reverse.

Also note that for compatibility with other analysis packages, you can also use the tab key, and shift-tab instead of the page up and down, but in this case the shaft-page functions are not available.

There are also some additional standard short cuts:

  • D key load data from the data base
  • Escape or C key clear the current data selections (ranges and points)
  • M key add a marker at the currently selected point
  • Z key reset the zoom in the current object (this works in quick graph, X/Y graph and track map)
Page last modified on August 15, 2012, at 11:42 AM