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ECUType / MoTeCM84

MoteC M84 ECU


  • MoTeC M84

ECU configuration

  • ECU must be running Version 1.10M2 Release - 16th December 2011 or later


The MoTeC M84 transmits data via RS232 (serial) & CAN. If using Race Technology's ECU Serial Interface you can simply connect this directly to the ECU connector:

  • Connect B17 MOTEC Tx to Race Technology Rx
  • Connect B14 MOTEC 0v comms to Race Technology Gnd

Connections shown below will allow direct “plug and play” connection to the Race Technology serial interface.

If using a CAN Adaptor, you will need to connect the CAN High & CAN Low on the CAN ADAPTOR to the ECU:

  • CAN High - B23
  • CAN Low - B24

Channel Listing

RS232 (Serial):

ECU Name Race Technology message Resolution
Engine speed RPM (Engine RPM) 25 RPM
Throttle position Throttle position (aux 1) 0.1%
Ambient temp Ambient air temp (temperature 1) 0.1 oC
Coolant temp Coolant temp (temperature 8) 0.1 oC
Auxiliary temp temperature 25 (temperature 25) 0.1 oC
ECU Temp ECU temp (temperature 16) 0.1 oC
Lambda 1 short term trim Lambda 1 short trim (aux 2) 0.1%
Lambda 1 long term trim Lambda 1 long trim (aux 4) 0.1%
Ignition cut level Ignition cut (aux 22) 0.1%
Fuel cut level Fuel inj 1 cut (aux 14) 0.1%
Fuel Aux Temp compensation Fuel aux temp comp (aux 30) 0.1%
Fuel Aux Volt compensation Fuel aux volt comp (aux 31) 0.1%
Fuel injector duty cycle Fuel inj 1 PW (aux 6) 0.1%


ECU Channel Name Race Technology message Resolution of Data
Ground_Speed Speed from ECU (misc 4) 1kph
RPM RPM (Engine RPM) 25 RPM
Gear Auxiliary 1 (aux 26) 1
Efficiency Auxiliary 2 (aux 27) -
Throttle Throttle position (aux 1) 0.1%
Engine_temp Coolant temp (temperature 8) 0.1 oC
Air_temp Ambient air temp (temperature 1) 0.1 oC
Oil_Pressure Oil pressure (pressure 2) 1mB
Fuel_Pressure Fuel pressure (pressure 3) 1mB
User_1 Coil 1 PW (measured time 9) -
User_2 Coil 2 PW (measured time 10) -
Status_3 Coil 3 PW (measured time 11) -

Not all channels listed in the table above may be available from your ECU. The available data channels vary with the vehicle model, year of manufacture & connected sensors.

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