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HowDoI-DL1Sport / LogDASH2AnalogueInputs

Log DASH2 Analog Inputs

Following section describes how to log DASH2 analogue channels using the DL1 SPORT.

1. Configuring the DL1 SPORT to expect RT serial messages from DASH2

  • Open the DL1 SPORT configuration software.
(If you already have a configuration file for the DL1, open it using the Edit configuration button.)
  • Switch to the Serial port configuration tab. Make sure that Decode Serial data check box is ticked. This must be enable for the DL1 SPORT to decode data from the DASH2.
  • Click on Save Configuration button to save the configuration to the disk. The name of the configuration file will be SETUP.BIN
  • Format a CF card into FAT16 format.
  • Copy the SETUP.BIN on to the root folder of the formatted CF card and with the DL1 SPORT turned on insert CF Card.
  • When configuration has been over, power down the DL1.

2. Connect the DASH2 and DL1 SPORT using the serial extension cable. Power on the DL1 SPORT with a CF card inserted.

N.B If you are using the same memory card that you used earlier to configure the DL1, ensure that the SETUP.BIN file is deleted.

3. Now DASH2 outputs serial messages on its data port to the DL1.

4. Logged data (.Run file) can be analyzed by using the RT Analysis or Monitor software. They show up as Analogue Channels 17 to 20 in the variable manager.

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