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RTAnalysisHowDoI / SetUpTheDL1ForAnalogueGearSensors

Set up the DL1 for Analogue Gear Sensors

1. Open the variable manager and select the analogue input which is connected to the gear sensor, if it is connected to a DASH2 then this will typically be analogue input 17:

2. Click on the "sensor type/units" node and then select the custom definition:

3. Click on the "Calculate formula from values" button.

4. Follwing window will be opened. Enter the voltages on the input side and the gear number on the output side:

5. You will be taken back to the equation when you click "ok", in this case we've got an equation of:

(0.05666592) * x^3 + (-0.88773582) * x^2 + (5.39785867) * x + (-8.30177407)

This is fine, but it we use this conversion directly the gear indicator appears to be a little "noisy":

6. So edit this to make sure that we get a integer or whole number answer by adding:

floor ( ..... + 0.5)

so the whole equation now reads:

floor ( (0.05666592) * x^3 + (-0.88773582) * x^2 + (5.39785867) * x + (-8.30177407)+ 0.5)

Note that you can't see the whole equation at the same time due to the size of the input box. With this done we have a direct reading of the gear position:

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