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GeneralCommsChannel / GeneralTextMessage


    MSG(0) = 102
    MSG(1) = (N + 11)   where N is the length of text message (Maximum 64 characters)
    MSG(2) = [MESSAGE TYPE]  (0x7)
    MSG(3) = Priority
    MSG(4) = Time to display
    MSG(5) = Useful time
    MSG(6) = Hardware type
    MSG(7) = Serial Number (MSB)
    MSG(8) = Serial Number
    MSG(9) = Serial Number
    MSG(10) = Serial Number (LSB)
    MSG(11) = Text target
    MSG(12) = Other
    MSG(13+0) = Message Text Character 0
    MSG(13+1) = Message Text Character 1
    MSG(13+N-1) = Message Text Character N-1
    MSG(13+N) = Checksum
Description of message type 7
priority (1 byte):
0 - lowest priority, 10 - highest priority
nominally priority levels are as follows:
0: informational. eg system started up, configuration file loaded, GPS locked, INS converged, memory card 25% full
2: warning. eg CF card almost full, voltage near limit (possible sensor fault)
4: operational error. eg CF card full
6: hardware failure. eg GPS antenna fault, CF card cannot be accessed, 5v reference, accelerometer failure
display time (1 byte):
This is the number of seconds to display the message for, 0 means display until a button press and 1 means do not display
useful time (1 byte):
Time the message is relevant for, for example if we output the current SD memory space every 30 seconds, this has a useful life of 30 seconds, 0 means its useful forever
source hardware type (1 byte):
This is the code for the type of unit that generated the message (code definitions can be found here)
source serial number (4 bytes):
this is the serial number of the unit that generated the message
text target (1 byte):
bit 0: Warning message
bit 1: SPEEDBOX performance test message
spare byte (1 bytes):
for future expansion, just assign to 0
message text (n bytes):
ASCII codes for the text to be displayed, up to a maximum of 20 characters
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