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DataAndConfigurationMessages / 91UnitControlChannel

Unit control Channel

(Added 27/2/07 for ECU interface and DASH2)

Channel Number 91
Total Length 5 bytes
Channel number Random number MSB Random number LSB command Checksum

Note that this message was edited in Jan 2015, it used to contain the target serial number, but now contains a random number and it acted upon by all units when possible. The random number is used to ensure that the same command is not forwarded more than once.


Command values

0x01 Start logging
0x02 Stop Logging
0x03 Add Marker
0x04 Transmit sensor buffer data (once)
0x05 Mirror output of serial port 1 (only valid on USB port)
0x06 Stop output of serial port 1 (only valid on USB port)
0x07 SPEEDBOX leveling
0x08 Start triggered test
0x09 Print results
0x88 Enter GNSS module reflash mode (GPS2 only)
0xAA Reset to default config
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