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MacroSupport / LocalLiveData

Local Live data

The example "Local Live data" macro is supplied as an alternative to the live monitor software. The macro is useful in the case where some level of customisation is needed which cannot be covered by the live monitor. An example would be where a Race Technology product is being used for a bench test application.

To setup “Local Live Data” macro, it is required to give the path to CAN DBC file if CAN data are present in the live data stream.

User can start receiving live data by connecting to the port using “Connect” button in “Serial COM” sheet. The “Status” cell shows the current login and data reception status. After connecting to the unit, user needs to configure the required variables that are needed to be shown under “COM Config” sheet. The macro lists undefined variables under “Undefined Var IDs”. User need to add required Variables under “Variable ID” column. Once this step is completed, data from Local unit will be shown in “Serial COM” sheet.

To edit the macro code, user needs to click on “Visual Basic” button in “DEVELOPER” Menu. Local Live Data functionality is implemented under “Serial COM” sheet.

Page last modified on March 19, 2018, at 12:01 PM