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DASH2 PRO General operation

There are four buttons attached to the DASH2 PRO, three of these buttons (Up, Down, Select) can be set to perform a number of different functions based on the settings in the configuration software, the fourth button (Menu) will always take the user in to the main menu. An option is also available to configure an interaction based on holding down the menu button and pressing either the up, down or select buttons. This in turn means that a total of 6 inputs can be configured to suit the application.

From the main menu custom settings can be made for setting up the display brightness/contrast, functions which would normally be assigned to buttons can be performed, and the currently set Driver / Mode can be changed.

If an alarm is being shown on the display then pressing any button will clear the alarm. If logging data on the internal memory, going in to the memory will stop the data logging. For the other functions which can be performed directly from the menu on the DASH2 PRO see the links below:

Menu Structure:

  1. Perform Action
  2. Data Logging and lap timing on the DASH2 PRO
  3. Warning Review
  4. Review Session
  5. Select Conf Set
  6. Configure
  7. Test
Page last modified on September 25, 2013, at 12:54 PM