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HowDoI-NEW / CommunicateWithALogger

How Do I - Communicate With A Data Logger?

Step 1

Double click on the Race Technology desktop icon to open the Race Technology Program Launcher:

Step 2

Open the DASH2 configuration software assistant from the Race Technology program launcher:

Step 3

In the New session window that appears, use the drop down box to select DASH2_WithDL1 then click Load standard factory configuration:

Step 4

When the DASH2 configuration assistant loads it will be automatically setup for communication with a logger. Connect the DASH2 to the PC via the serial port connector on the supplied wiring harness. You may also need to use a USB to serial adaptor, if your PC does not have a direct serial port:

Step 5

Open the Communications drop down box & select the DASH2 communication port:

Step 6

Power up the DASH2 & click Send Configuration:

Page last modified on January 15, 2020, at 10:31 AM