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GeneralOperation / SuitableCFCards

Suitable CF Cards

Even though most of the newer cards are compatible with the VIDEO4, we strongly recommend that they are tested for speed by doing a test recording before using them “in the field”.

To test the speed of the CF card, insert it into VIDEO4 and record a long segment (5-30 minutes) at 12 Mbps. If the POWER_LED is not flashing to indicate that the disk is too slow to record, the CF card is compatible with the VIDEO4 unit.

If the POWER_LED starts blinking to indicate the disk is too slow to record, reset the VIDEO4, reduce the bit-rate and try again.

If the unit is unable to record even at the lowest bit-rate, then that type of disk is unsupported by the VIDEO4.

If you are buying CF cards for the VIDEO4 then we strongly recommend that you either buy the card directly from Race Technology, or you use a high speed card from SanDisk (at the time of writing these include Ultra II, III and IV).

Page last modified on May 06, 2009, at 07:42 AM