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TriggeredTestMessages / RTTrigInitialCondition

RT_Trig_Initial_Condition: Triggered Test Initial Conditions

RT_Trig_Initial_Condition: 141, 6 (0x8D0620 + unit ID) (0x346)

Byte 0: Validity
Bytes 1-3: Initial Speed
Bytes 4-5: Initial Heading
Byte 6: MFDD Start Threshold
Byte 7: MFDD End Threshold

Initial Speed resolution is m/s * 1e-4
Initial Heading resolution is degrees/100
MFDD threshold resolution is percentage.
Initial Speed is the speed at the start of the triggered test.

Initial Heading is the average heading over the two seconds immediately prior to the start of the triggered test.

MFDD Start and End Threshold are the percentage of the initial speed used for the start and end point respectively of the MFDD calculation:

MFDD Start Speed = Initial Speed * (MFDD Start Threshold / 100)
MFDD End Speed = Initial Speed * (MFDD End Threshold / 100)

MFDD Start Theshold and MFDD End Threshold are configurable parameters that are set using the configuration software; they are output over CAN in order to enable later reconstruction of the parameters used to determine MFDD (MFDD itself is output in the RT_Trig_Accel message).

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