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DataAndConfigurationMessages / 97HighResolutionEventTimerChannel

High resolution event timer channel

Channel Number97
Total Length8bytes

This channel provides a method of outputting an event time with micro-second resolution referenced to GPS time, or 10 micro-second resolution referenced to run file sample time, or alternatively to output a regular timestamp with 10 micro-second resolution.

Event details = Data1

If data1 bit 5 = 0

This is a timestamp for an event, this type of message is currently only generated from the SPEEDBOX range of products.

If data 1 bit 6 = 0 then event time is given by

GPS micro-second time of week = (Data2 x 2^32 + Data3 x 2^24 + Data4 x 2^16 + Data5 x 2^8 + Data6)

So in this case the time stamp is relative to the GPS time. This information is generally only used within Race Technology for validation and error checking.

If data 1 bit 6 = 1 then event time is given by

Run time in microseconds = 10 x (Data2 x 2^32 + Data3 x 2^24 + Data4 x 2^16 + Data5 x 2^8 + Data6)

(Run time is on a common standard with both standard and high-resolution timestamps)

This message is used by Race Technology software to accurately time events in relation to speed and distance etc.

For Data1, bits 0 - 2 (the 3 least significant bits) are used to determine which trigger on a logger the signal has originated from.

Trigger numbers are 1-based on the logger fascias, but zero-based in this message, so:

Trigger number = (Data1 & 0x07) + 1

Bit 7, the msb, is used to indicate the polarity of the originating event.

if bit7 = 0 (i.e. Data1 & 0x80 == 0) then the event was triggered by a falling edge.
if bit7 = 1 (i.e. Data1 & 0x80 == 1) then the event was triggered by a rising edge.

If data1 bit 5 = 1

This is a run file high frequency time stamp

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