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Licensing options

For some of our software - including the analysis and monitor applications - there are licensing options to enable some of the most advanced features:

For example:

  • Professional data
  • GPS 20Hz
  • Video
  • Multi Video Pro
  • Commercial Video

In all cases, the licenses allow you to use the specified function on an unlimited number of PCs, but only for a single logger unit. The software license key is tied to the serial number that is programmed into every device that Race Technology produce. This means that you can install software and use the license on as many PCs as required, but the advanced processing features will only be enabled for run files recorded by the data logger to which the licence refers.

To enable an advance feature:

1. please contact and purchase the additional license for the feature.

Your license key will be generated and stored in the Race Technology licensing server.

2. Connect your computer to the internet

3. Start the application, load a run data file and then open the dialog/window to access the feature.

The application will download the license information and update the configuration settings for all Race Technology applications.

4. Please follow the steps 2 to 3 to enable The license on other PCs as required

5. If you "factory reset" a PC using the Race Technology application launcher, please follow the steps 2 to 3 to restore license information.

For more information about purchasing licenses, please contact

Page last modified on February 01, 2024, at 03:11 PM