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UsingDASH4PROFDConfigurationSoftware / CreatingANewLayout

Creating a new layout

1. Click on the File -> New Layout menu item.

2. Add controls to the design area:

  • Using "Add control" right click context menu OR
  • Using "Add Control" menu

3. Relocate controls using the mouse or using the left and top properties of the control.

4. Graph, Bar chart and SB Text results controls can be resized using the mouse. However size of the numeric displays and text controls depends on the font size and the number of leading digits, decimal points or text it contains.

5. There are two methods to associate a variable with a control.

  • Click on the variable, and drag and drop it into the control. change the variable properties if needed.
Open the control's property page using its right click context menu and then change the "Variable" property.

6. Configure the following through the Configuration menu if required:

  • Startup bitmap:
Bitmap image of size 128 x 64 pixels which is displayed at the startup of the device for 2 seconds.
  • Automatic Changing of Screens
  • Gear Configuration
  • Engine RPM Configuration
  • Shift light configuration
  • Variable timeout value
  • Triggered SPEEDBOX tests
  • Menu settings
  • CAN settings
  • CAN output commands

7. To save the layout (design) to CMG format, use the "File -> Save layout" menu command or toolbar button with similar functionality.

8. Send the configuration to the DASH4PRO FD.

If you are configuring the device from PC, use the "File -> Write configuration" menu command.

Refer section on Sending the configuration to DASH4PRO FD in the DASH4PRO FD manual for more information.

9. Start logging the data and see whether configuration settings are correct.

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