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DataLoggingAndLapTimingOnTheDASH2PRO / DataLoggingOnTheDASH2PRO

Data logging on the DASH2 PRO

The DASH2 PRO with the logging option has 8GB of data storage built in to the unit, this can be used for storing run files as well as lap timing files. Data logging is started and stopped by button press and files are downloaded over the USB port. Follow the list below to set up the logging as required.

Setting up a button to start / stop data logging

In the default configuration for the DASH2 PRO the Menu+Up button combination is set up to start/stop internal data logging. If it is required to move this to a different button follow the link here.

Configuring the data source

By default all data expect the four internal analogue channels and RPM is set to come from the serial port. To use the internal GPS data and the internal accelerometers, set up the variable source for the three accelerometer channels and the GPS receiver data to be take from units built in inputs and sensors.

Set up the file names

By default the files are stored with the name RUN___rr, where rr is a number increasing from 01 to 99. In a directory with the name RTyymmdd, where yy is the last two digits of the year, mm is the month and dd is the day. This can be changed in the configuration software here.

Set up the channel storage rates

By default all channels are set up to be logged at the maximum rate. This can be adjusted by setting up the rates in the configuration software here.

Downloading logged data

All logged data must be downloaded from the unit using the Device Explorer software, this can be access from the file menu on the DASH2 PRO configuration software or from the start menu, for more information see here.

Data logging is not possible when in the menu on the DASH2 PRO, if the menu button is pressed logging will be stopped automatically.

Page last modified on April 29, 2019, at 07:27 AM