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Common / AcceptableTemperatureAndVibration

Temperature and Vibration

All Race Technology products are built using the latest surface mount components and the latest methods. All electronics are designed, built, checked and calibrated in the UK under our direct control to ensure that the quality is the best available. However, the electronics can only operate within limits of temperature and vibration.

The temperature specification of the electronic components is 0C to 70C during operation, -20C to 85C during storage. However, there are other considerations that may limit the temperature range. Care must be taken where the enclosure is made of, or contains, plastic. While the plastics don't melt within the storage temperature range, it can distort significantly. If there is an LCD display on the product this also has a fairly limited temperature range over which it will operate correctly, most notably at low temperatures the display will be very slow to change.

Vibration is another important issue which can effect the long term reliability of the electronics. The exact level of acceptable vibration cannot be readily defined by the user, but a good rule of thumb is that if it looks like it is vibrating, then some sort of isolation would be beneficial. Typically, road cars and bikes don't normally require any additional isolation. Karts and single seater racing cars often benefit from some vibration isolation. The method of vibration isolation depends on the situation, but, generally, rubber mounts do not offer sufficient isolation, something softer and more compliant is required.

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