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Operation-NEW / ProgrammingSoftButtons

Programming soft buttons

The UP, DOWN, and SELECT buttons can be programmed to perform many different ‘shortcut’ functions in normal display mode, these buttons can also be combined with the MENU button to provide a further three soft buttons if required. This does not change the function of the buttons from their standard purpose in menu display mode. To change a button function, simply select “Edit button functions” using the UP/DOWN buttons (main menu, item 3), then press SELECT. You will then be asked to press the button you wish to change the function of. Press either SELECT, UP, or DOWN to access the three extra soft buttons, press and hold MENU, without releasing it, press SELECT, UP, or DOWN. The display will change to show which button is selected and the current function assigned to that button. The UP and DOWN buttons can then be used to select any one of 12 functions to assign to this button, as shown in the sub-sub menu in Figure 4. Press SELECT to confirm the button function and return to the main menu.

Page last modified on October 06, 2016, at 02:16 PM