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Data Output Channels

The data sent from the OBD port and the update rate varies from vehicle to vehicle. As such it is not possible to say exactly which channels of data will be present. If all channels are available then the following will be provided:

Source RT Channel Name Resolution
Engine load Auxiliary 1 (%) 0.1%
Coolant temp Water temp 0.1C
Lambda I short term trim Lambda 1 short term trim 0.1%
Lambda 2 short term trim Lambda 2 short term trim 0.1%
Lambda 1 long term trim Lambda 1 long term trim 0.1%
Lambda 2 long term trim Lambda 2 long term trim 0.1%
Fuel Pressure Fuel Pressure 0.1kPa
Manifold Pressure Boost Pressure 0.1kPa
Engine speed Engine speed 25 RPM
Ignition angle Ignition angle 0.1C
Inlet air temperature Inlet Pre Turbo Temp 1 0.1C
Throttle position Throttle position 0.1%
Lambda 1 Lambda 1 0.01
Lambda 2 Lambda 2 0.01
Fuel level Auxiliary 2 (%) 0.1%

The OBD interface will automatically read all available channels from the vehicle. If some of the above channels do not appear this does not mean that the system is not working it is most likely that these channels are not available from the vehicle.

Page last modified on June 22, 2016, at 11:04 AM