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RTAnalysisLapAndSectorOptions / StartOfRunMarkerTab

Start of run marker tab

The options on this tab apply when doing analysis on open circuits typical of hill climbs and sprints, rather than closed laps.

  • Trigger acceleration and Trigger speed
Analysis software moves the start of run marker to the exact time that the vehicle accelerates away from a standing start. To detect a standing start, the software checks where the speed is low and the acceleration is high; Typical values used here are speed under 5kph and an acceleration over 0.1g. However you can change these values based on the application.
  • Maximum search range
This value control by what distance the software is allowed to move the marker. Typically this should be approximately twice the maximum positional error on the GPS. The default value of 15m is plenty for typical data. However if the GPS data is bad due to tree coverage etc, then this limit should be increased.
  • Staging distance
This is the distance after the start point that the timing is started. It’s quite typical on open circuit events that there are 2 lines or optical barriers at the start. The car is lined up on the first barrier, and the timing starts when the car goes over the 2nd barrier. The distance between the 2 barriers varies depending on the event, but is typically 8” or 12”, 20cm or 30cm, however for some events it can be significantly longer.
Page last modified on October 05, 2012, at 01:44 PM