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Reflashing / ReflashingTheSPEEDBOX

Updating the SPEEDBOX Firmware

This page contains instructions for reflashing the SPEEDBOX and SPEEDBOX MINI. The reflash procedure for both is essentially the same and will be referred to as the SPEEDBOX from here on. For instructions on how to reflash the legacy SPEEDBOX20? please click here.

To reflash the SPEEDBOX firmware you need to run the SPEEDBOX reflash program. The Race Technology software must first be installed onto a PC, either using the CD supplied with the SPEEDBOX or downloaded from the Race Technology website. The SPEEDBOX reflash utility is then accessible through the "Programs" heading on the Windows Start menu, under the "Reflash" section of the Race Technology Software menu.

The SPEEDBOX should only be reflashed with approved firmware updates provided by Race Technology. The following sequence of operations must be performed in the correct order in order to reflash the SPEEDBOX:

IMPORTANT: On the SPEEDBOX, reflashing can only be done through "Serial 2" or via the USB port. The SPEEDBOX MINI can only be reflashed through the USB port.



1) Ensure that any USB cables are unplugged from the USB port on the SPEEDBOX.

2) Connect a null modem cable between "Serial 2" on the SPEEDBOX and the PC (a null modem cable is supplied with the SPEEDBOX). If the PC used for reflashing does not have a serial port then a USB to serial adapter will need to be used. These are readily available at very low cost.

3) Either:

a) Ensure that Serial 2 on the SPEEDBOX is configured to run at 115200 baud (the default) and that the SPEEDBOX is powered and running
b) Ensure that the SPEEDBOX is turned off (remove power supply connection to the unit) (SPEEDBOX ONLY, NOT SPEEDBOX MINI)

4) Start the SPEEDBOX reflash program on the PC. Select the required hex file with which to reflash the SPEEDBOX (this will be a new firmware file provided by Race Technology, with a .hex file extension), and then select the correct serial port (this is the serial port on the PC, NOT the SPEEDBOX).

5) If following 3b) above then reconnect the power supply to the SPEEDBOX whilst the relash program waits for a response. If following 3a) above then the SPEEDBOX will already be powered so this is not necessary. At this point the reflash program will indicate that a connection has been established. Press the "OK" button on the dialog to acknowledge this, and the program will then reflash the SPEEDBOX, whilst displaying a progress indicator. When this has reached 100% the reflash is complete.

6) After reflashing is complete, the SPEEDBOX should then start operating normally with the new firmware without requiring rebooting. If the unit should fail to start operating normally, first reboot the unit by cycling the power supply. If the unit should still fail to start, it is likely that the existing firmware was erased, but the new firmware was not correctly written. To correct this you will need to repeat the reflash procedure starting from Step 1) above.

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