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AnalysisHowDoI / CompareRunsWithDifferentSensorSetups

How do I compare runs with different sensor setups?

1. For each vehicle you set up constants and save them. For example constant 1 might be the throttle voltage at shut, and constant 2 might be the throttle voltage at WOT (wide open throttle). The constants are set here.

2. Once they are done, then you can use the contants in your formulas, here

For example for the throttle as above, you might have something like:
(x - CAR_01)/(CAR_02-CAR_01)*100
Attached to analogue 1, assuming this is the throttle input.

3. Then we need to associate the car file with the runs. This can be done manually by simply selecting the car file in the Run manager or automatically.

Page last modified on January 09, 2019, at 04:29 AM