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DASH4PROFD / TechnicalSpecification

Technical Specification

Display White backlit LCD, resolution 128 x 64 pixels.
Case Die-cast aluminium, black powder coated finish 124mm x 58mm x 14mm
Connections Single 9-way d-type, for serial communications and power for direct connection to a DL1 data logger. Auto select 115200 or 460800 baud. Optional direct CAN/CANFD
Power supply Requires 12v at approximately 100mA
Processor 32bit DSP running at 150MHz. External Flash for program and configuration storage.
Temperature range Operation between 0oC to 50oC, Storage from -20oC to 80oC.
LEDs 2 rows of 6 very high brightness 5mm LEDs. 20 degree viewing angle. 10 steps of brightness control.
Membrane keypad Polyester textured membrane to limit reflections. 12mm diameter buttons.
Unit fixing 4 x blind threaded holes for M4 screws, maximum depth 6mm.
number of configurable data pages 10
number of objects per data page 40
number of maths channels 100
display fonts 5 sizes, from 5 to 64 pixels high
maximum number of input data channels potentially >1000
screen update rate variables can be set to update between 1Hz to 10Hz

General modifications

  • Number of characters of text object
On DASH4PRO FD, the number of characters that can be shown in a text object had been increased to 17. On the previous version this was only 7 characters.
  • Round up to 100 and 50 added on numeric display objects
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