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RTCONNECT / Specification


Correction format RTCM v3.x
Update rate 1Hz
Serial I/O 2 x RS232 ports
Serial 1 (Front RS232 @ 115200 or 460800 baud Outputs RT msg3 @ 0.5 or 1 Hz
Serial 2 (Rear) RS232 @ 38400 baud
  • Output RT msg109,3,
USB Configuration / reflash
LCD Status screens
SIM card format Micro-SIM (3FF)
Voltage 12V nominal input, minimum of 10V, maximum of 15V
Power consumption 3W
Weight 540g
Dimensions 163mm x 118mm x 34mm
Antenna (Main and Aux) 4G LTE compatible
Mobile data The data modem is a globally certified LTE (4G) type with rollback for legacy standards include 3G/2G/GPRS. The modem covers 14 LTE bands (1 2 3 4 5 7 8 12 13 18 19 20 26 28). Whilst that does not guarantee that the system will operate on every network in all countries, it offers excellent performance and the best global coverage of any product of this type we are aware of at this time. For comparison, a current flagship 2024 Iphone covers 17 LTE bands.

Note that the data modem used was updated in late 2023, the previous modem covered 6 LTE bands (1 2 4 5 8 12), so whilst it still offered global coverage, it was more limited with regards which networks it could be used on. In all cases, please check your networks regional LTE band allocations.

Page last modified on June 20, 2024, at 01:24 PM