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RTLIVE / PowerConsumption

RT LIVE power consumption

RT LIVE unit is powered from an external power supply.

The RT LIVE unit is designed so it can be used with either a permanently on power supply, or a power supply that is switched from the ignition switch. To enable this, the unit has 2 power modes:

Full power mode

In this case the unit takes about 4W of power, both GPS and GSM are powered up.

Sleep mode

If the unit is not logging any data, all runs have been uploaded, and the unit has not sensed any movement for 10 minutes, then it will go into a sleep mode.

In this mode the GPS and GSM are powered down, and the CPU goes into a special low power mode. In Sleep mode the RT LIVE unit only requires about 0.1W. The RT LIVE unit will go from sleep mode to full power mode if it detects any movement.

Please note that if “Always log when powered” option selected, device is always logging and uploading run data to server.
For this mode the unit MUST be connected to a supply that is switched with ignition.

Page last modified on June 22, 2018, at 10:21 AM