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GPSMessages / 32RTRTKAttitude

RT_MBRTK_Attitude Roll, pitch, yaw and accuracy

RT_MBRTK_Attitude: 140, 32 (0x8C2020 + unit id) (0x320)

Byte 0: Validity

Byte 1: Accuracy

Bytes 2-3: MB-RTK Yaw (degrees)

Bytes 4-5: MB-RTK Pitch (degrees)

Bytes 6-7: MB-RTK Roll (degrees)

MB-RTK Yaw, pitch and roll resolution are degrees/100.

This message is used for attitude calculated from the MB-RTK (moving-base RTK) solution only, with no inertial input.

Page last modified on March 01, 2022, at 07:05 AM