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DASH2PROOperation / ReviewSession

Review Session (Menu 4)

After finishing a session of driving the fastest lap, fastest sectors and individual lap and sector times can be displayed. From menu 4 select Current Session, which will display the date and time of the current session, then scroll through to select to view the individual details.

Fastest Lap
When this menu is displayed the screen will show the fastest lap time along with which lap the time was produced on. Pressing 'Select' to view the details will enable viewing of each individual sector within the lap to show the sector time around the lap, along with the maximum and minimum speed for each sector. Pressing 'select' or 'menu' will go back up a menu level to enable selecting of other data.

Fastest Sectors
This works in exactly the same way as the Fastest Lap section in terms of viewing the data for each sector, except that instead of showing the sector times for each sector from one lap they are shown from the fastest individual sectors.

View All Data
As above, but will scroll through the data for each sector in term, showing the times and speeds for each individual sector and then the times for the full lap at the end. For two laps of data with three sectors per lap the data would be shown as:

Lap 1 Sector 1
Lap 1 Sector 2
Lap 1 Sector 3
Lap 1
Lap 2 Sector 1
Lap 2 Sector 2
Lap 2 Sector 3
Lap 2
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