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RTAnalysisHowDoI / GetSectorTimes

How do I get sector times?

Once a lap marker has been added to the track map, sectors may be added to break down the run into smaller sections.

step 1: To do this, enter the data menu at in the top, left hand corner of the screen and select the "Laps and Sector Options".

step 2: This will open up a window. Click on the "Sector Setup" option at the top of the window.

step 3: De-select the "Define sectors Automatically based on Markers" option. Then click on the "Automatically add sectors now" button to add sectors. After clicking on that button, window will look like:

step 4: To view sector times, select the "Lap and Sector Times" option in the Results menu at the top of the screen.

step 5: This will display a table showing all of the sector times.

Page last modified on September 03, 2012, at 01:00 PM