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DL1MK3Configuration / Accelerometer

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The DL1 CLUB has a 3 axis accelerometer, with either 2g or 6g maximum deflection. The accelerometer is configured by clicking on the ‘internal accelerometer’ option from the DL1 CLUB configuration software:

The default configuration is shown above. This shows that the unit is mounted with the SD card slot facing towards the front of the car. It is important that the orientation of the unit is correct otherwise the speed values and acceleration values in the software will be wrong. Further, any automatic start/stop control will not function correctly.

Filtering on the accelerometer channels is applied in the same way as for the analogue, frequency, and RPM inputs. The rate of change of the signal can be limited to stop any fast noise on the signal, the signal can also be filtered against time to give a smoother signal.

This concludes the section on setting up the internal and external sensors on the DL1 CLUB.

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