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TriggeredTestMessages / RTTrigAccel

RT_Trig_Accel: Triggered Test Time, Average Acceleration and MFDD

RT_Trig_Accel: 141, 2 (0x8D0220 + unit ID) (0x342)

Byte 0: Validity
Bytes 1-2: MFDD
Bytes 3-4: Average Acceleration
Bytes 5-7: Time into Test

MFDD resolution is g/1000
Average Acceleration resolution is g/1000
Time into Test resolution is s/100

MFDD is "Mean Fully-Developed Deceleration", and is the average deceleration between two speeds that are calculated as configurable percentages of the initial test speed. E.g. A typical MFDD test might use 80% and 10% of the initial test speed as the two speeds between which to calculate MFDD. The rational is to calculate the deceleration over the fully developed part of the braking test, omitting test entry and exit effects. The initial test speed and the MFDD thresholds used can be found in the RT_Trig_Initial_Conditions message.

Average Acceleration is the average acceleration from the start of the triggered test up to the current instant.

Time into Test is the elapsed time since the start of the triggered test.

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