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INSMessages / RTINSVelBody2D

RT_INS_Vel_Body_Axes_2D: INS Forewards and Sideways 2D Velocity

RT_INS_Vel_Body_Axes_2D: 142, 23 (0x8E1720 + unit id) (0x397)

Byte 0: Validity
Byte 1: Accuracy (forwards & sideways)
Bytes 2-4: INS velocity forwards 2D (m/s)
Bytes 5-7: INS velocity sideways 2D (m/s)
Forward and Sideways 2D velocities are horizontal velocities in the forward and sideways direction relative to the vehicle body.
Speed resolution is m/s * 1e-4.

NOTE: The output is technically aligned with the IMU sensor, and hence technically best described as the sensor axis velocities. Since the sensor is intended to be mounted inline with the vehicle body we describe them as the body axis velocities, which is valid for correct orientation of the sensor with the vehicle body as intended.

Page last modified on September 21, 2016, at 12:30 PM