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HowDoI-RTSSSLAndSL / GetTeamAccess

How do I get team access?

Contact the race series and supply email address and password. The race series will grant access to the team using the cloud remotely

Note: Race series charges may apply. All data will be available to download and live data service can be accessed in web browser.

Web Browser Access

Web browser access allows quick access on any device using a web browser including mobile phone.

Full Data Access

Full data access requires Race Technology V10 software to be installed and is only available using PC running windows 10.
Latest version available here:

IMPORTANT: Once software is installed is it important to load variable information and login to cloud account

Load variable file

– Variable file contains channels naming, equation and filtering.

Open var and CAN manager

Click to enlarge

Select File> Import a variable file

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Select variable file from cloud area:

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Live telemetry data

Open ‘Live Monitor’ software

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Load a suitable virtual dashboard from the list of dashboards:

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Select only to show the data table:

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Log on to unit

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Full data analysis

Open Analysis software

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  1. Click load data
  2. Login into cloud if required
  3. Refresh if required
  4. Select file (possible to load file whilst car still on circuit)
  5. Click open

Analysis beginner guide:

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Page last modified on March 10, 2023, at 09:09 PM