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InstallingTheSystem / MountingThePeliCase

Mounting the Peli case

In order to give accurate speed and acceleration readings, the system Peli case should be mounted so that it is flat, level, in the correct orientation and restrained from moving relative to the vehicle. These requirements are discussed further below.

Correct orientation of the unit is essential. The unit must be mounted with the direction of travel as shown by the arrows on the top of the unit. When mounted correctly the longitudinal acceleration will read positive whilst accelerating and negative whilst braking.

The unit should be mounted as flat and level as possible. The combined speed calculation will compensate for a mounting angle of up to 20° from level, but accuracy is slightly reduced, so for best accuracy mount as level as possible.

The base unit should also be shielded from vibration as far as is possible. “Normal” levels of vibration are tolerated with no problem, but particularly harsh vibration may degrade the operation of the GPS receiver, resulting in either reduced accuracy or loss-of-lock.

The unit can be securely restrained in the required position by using the eyelet bolts on each corner of the unit.

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