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LoadingAndSaving / RTScreenLayouts

Loading And Saving Screen Layouts

If you have set up the program with the windows and layers to your preferences, you can save the way the program is set regarding the layers and the windows and their settings. To save the layout, go to > File > Advanced Load/Saves > Save Screen Layout. This will open a save file dialog to the default configuration files directory, these files use the .LAY file type.

To load a new screen layout, go to > File > Advanced Load/Save > Load Screen Layout. This opens in the default configuration files directory.

If you wish to overwrite the default screen layout (click here for more details on how to load this on start up) when you click Save Screen Layout from the menu, navigate to the installation path (Usually C:\Program Files\RaceTechnologyV6\) then select the folder for the hardware type you are setting the program up for (e.g. DL1, AX22 etc.), and select the \Analysis\Configuration\ sub directory. In this folder, there will be a ****_default.lay file, where the **** is replaced with the hardware type. This is the file you need to over write for the software to use it as the default.

Page last modified on November 29, 2018, at 07:00 AM