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VIDEO4Firmware / UpdatingFirmware

Update VIDEO4 with new firmware

The following steps need to be carried out to successfully update the VIDEO4 firmware.

1. Take a copy of the existing firmware files, and keep these on the PC in case it's required to return to a previous configuration.

2. To update the VIDEO4 with new firmware:

I. Get a copy of the latest firmware from Race Technology, email for details or refer to the downloads and documents section of our website
II. Usually the latest firmware file is released in the name UPDATE.RT6
If it is not, please rename the file to UPDATE.RT6
III. Take a blank, formatted flash card and copy the file to root directory
IV. Insert the flash card into VIDEO4 unit and power it up
V. All the LED indicators on the front panel will light up. At this moment VIDEO4 is updating its firmware
VI. After few seconds you will notice that the unit gets restarted automatically.
Wait until the Power LED lights up (And the rest turn off or flash)
VII. If the firmware file is successfully updated, UPDATE.RT6 will be moved to a folder named DONE
VIII. Now VIDEO4 is ready to run with the updated software
Page last modified on May 06, 2009, at 08:24 AM