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OperatingTheDASH4PROFD / ViewFirmwareInformation

View firmware/bootloader version information

  • 4.1 Show firmware version
  • 4.2 Show bootloader version

In certain cases it might be necessary to find out the firmware version that’s currently on the DASH4PRO FD. Functionality for this purpose can be found under menu item 4 Firmware Control by following the steps given below:-

1. Enter menu display mode by pressing the MENU button.

2. Use the UP/DOWN buttons and navigate to 4 Firmware Control in the main menu and press SET button to enter the sub menu of it.

3. Then use the UP/DOWN buttons to navigate to menu item 4.1 Show firmware version or 4.2 Show bootloader version depending on whether you need to look at the firmware version or bootloader version.

4. When you press SET button, the screen will display the currently installed firmware/bootloader version.

Page last modified on January 23, 2024, at 07:27 AM