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RaceSeriesManager / SharingTheData

Sharing the Data

It is recommended to use a sharing service like OneDrive or Google Drive. These services automatically upload any data stored in the selected directory.

This means once the data is collected the data is automatically being uploaded onto the cloud or will upload when an internet connection becomes available. This gives the options to have multi user access to the data making it possible for the data to be analysed and distributed whilst still be collected.

To maximise the potential for this it is recommended setting up and sharing the directories before the event starts. Once the Race Series manager is complete and loaded into the Race Series Manager follow the steps below.

1) Right click on the event and select Generate all directories

If you now go to the directory you will notice all the directories have been produced.

You can now select any directory to be shared and it will automatically share any sub directories. This makes it possible to set access to all data to internal staff such as scrutineers. Then team directories to be shared with team.

Page last modified on August 21, 2018, at 03:54 PM