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Hardware / CATS

CATS (Complete Automotive Test System)

A complete testing solution combining the high accuracy, low latency vehicle speed and attitude measurements from the SPEEDBOX-INS with the flexible data logging abilities of the new DL2 data logger. The DASH4PRO connects to either unit and will display measured parameters from both the SPEEDBOX-INS and the DL2.

The system offers the unrivalled accuracy of the SPEEDBOX-INS with the flexibility of being able to use the DASH4PRO to display summary test data and to edit test start and end parameters without the need for a laptop computer, reducing the number of times a laptop has to be carried in the car. With all test results presented live on the DASH4PRO's display and logged on the DL2's memory card for post test analysis. For applications where the high accuracy of the SPEEDBOX-INS is not required, the CATS is available with the standard SPEEDBOX.

A quick-start guide is provided for using this system for brake testing

Page last modified on July 21, 2017, at 08:37 AM