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LiveMonitor / ConnectingToRTCloud

Connecting to the RT Cloud

To monitor data coming from a RT LIVE data logger, please follow the steps below.

1. First login to your RT LIVE account using the menu item File -> Login to RT Cloud

Note: More information about creating a new RT LIVE account and registering devices is here.

2. After you login to your RT LIVE account, RT LIVE devices registered under your account will be listed under the menu item “File -> Select connection -> RT LIVE”

3. Click on a device to start monitoring the data coming from the device. Name of the connected device will be shown on the title bar of the Live Monitor:

If you have issues when connecting to the RT Cloud or during an active connection, you can check what is going on behind the scenes by opening the RT Cloud Status dialog. (Display -> Show RT cloud status)

The dialog shows the events occur during connection attempts and after the connection is established.

It shows:

  • Successful connection attempts
  • Whether RT Cloud server responded or not
  • Whether device is not connected or offline
  • Connected user name
  • Device serial number if connected successfully
  • No of Available devices under the logged on account
  • Number of received bytes
  • When the data request messages send from your PC to RT cloud server etc.
Page last modified on July 09, 2021, at 06:28 AM