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AnalysisHowDoI / SetUpTheDL1ForAnalogueGearSensors

How do I set up the DL1 for Analogue Gear Sensors?

1. Open the variable manager and select the analogue input which is connected to the gear sensor, if it is connected to a DASH2 then this will typically be analogue input 17:

2. Click on the "Units" node and then select the custom definition:

3. Click on the "Calculate formula from values" button.

4. Follwing window will be opened. Enter the voltages on the input side and the gear number on the output side:

5. You will be taken back to the equation when you click "Ok", in this case we've got an equation of:

0.0567 * x^3 - 0.888 * x^2 + 5.4 * x - 8.3

This is fine, but it we use this conversion directly the gear indicator appears to be a little "noisy":

6. So edit this to make sure that we get an integer or whole number answer by adding:

floor ( ..... + 0.5)

so the whole equation now reads:

floor ( (0.05666592) * x^3 + (-0.88773582) * x^2 + (5.39785867) * x + (-8.30177407)+ 0.5)

Note that you can't see the whole equation at the same time due to the size of the input box. With this done we have a direct reading of the gear position:

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